Lolita Tapería's Wall

Lolita Tapería's Wall

Our friends from Lolita Taperia, had a habit as amusing as heavy. Over their famous wall of tile, the most daring diners were given a marker to write on the wall whatever came through their minds.
All that was real funny, but for those who had to clean it; so we thought of graphing the wall permanently (without the influence of wine and beers) highlighting the most succulent tapas, and other stuff of the bar.
For the application of graphics on the wall, we counted on the mesters of the aerograph from Art Estudi David and Fani.
We are happy to collaborate with Lolita almost from their beginnings for ten years, and along this time we have developed countless formats like their different menu and wine cards, several corporative videos and a huge amount of product photography and SEO on social media. Pure pleasure.

Lolita Tapería's Wall. A Timelapse.

  • Client Lolita Taperia
  • By 7del7 Studio
  • Date July of 2012
  • Project Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Social Media

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