B4RCEL0N3S · Districtes

B4RCEL0N3S · Districtes

By request of l'Ajuntament de Barcelona, our partners from Estudi Espai produced a series of audiovisuals to emphasize the protagonism of the 'other' neighborhoods of Barcelona, ​​beyond those typically visited by tourists and locals.
They had the video already edited, and texts for each of their pieces written; so they contacted us with the need to place these texts in the video in an audio format.
So we recorded them in our recording studio, sent tehem, and we all enjoyed the results.
You can check them downhere, or in our Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Descobreix Nou Barris

La Ruta de L'Aigua

El Parc de Can Dragó

  • Client Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • By 7del7 Studio
  • Date July of 2015
  • Project Multimedia
  • Social Media

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